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The fact of the matter is that the majority of homeowners don’t and may never protest their property tax value. We’ve found that some of this is due to a lack of time, the complexity of the process, and access to the necessary resources and information to present a compelling case in order to reach a successful outcome.

This has left homeowners feeling like they don’t have a voice or a seat at the table as well as leaving them at the mercy to just take whatever value they are given.

With ProtestPRAD.com, you don’t have to feel like you just have to take it anymore.

We give you a seat at the table for your voice to be heard!

If homeowners don’t protest their property tax valuation, they will never have an opportunity to have it reduced from what is set and assessed by the Appraisal District. The massive rise in property values over the past few years has caused large increases in the amount homeowners are paying for their monthly house payment.

For best results and to maximize your savings in order to not pay more than you need to, protesting each year is best.

With our team of highly qualified local market experts, licensed in the State of Texas, we use our resources, knowledge, and years of experience to help homeowners reduce their property tax bills. It would be our privilege to be able to help you with this process and see what we can do for you.

Homes Are All We Do So Yours

Gets The Attention It Deserves


  • Submit your property’s protest and see it through from start to finish using our knowledge, experience, and resources to help save you money.
  • File your protest and follow it through to the Appraisal Review Board if necessary (Appraisal Review Board requires an additional fee).


  • We compare assessed values and comparable sales of homes that are similar to yours.
  • We compare square footage, exemptions, lot sizes, accessory units, pools, and more.
  • We review your home’s previous year’s assessments.
  • We help you account for deficiencies and items that need repairs.
  • We provide documents that support your opinion of value like closing statements, repair estimates, and condition photos. 


  • The submission window is short and the protest process is longer.
  • You have 30 days from the date of the notice to file a protest. The filing deadline is May 15 every year. See your notice for the specific deadline.
  • We usually have results within eight to twelve weeks after the filing deadline. Some results will be earlier and some later, depending on several external factors including the current environment and the number of protests filed.


  • We provide property tax reduction services to residential homeowners and individual investors in exchange for a fee of $250 per tax year (per property).
  • If you decline the reduction offered by the Appraisal District and choose to pursue a hearing before the Appraisal Board, there will be an additional $500 charge to represent you.

Who We Are And What Others Have Said About ProtestPRAD.com

We’re Your Amarillo Neighbors

We are locally owned and operated in Amarillo, TX. Our team is made up of skilled professionals who live and work right here in our community. When you choose us, you can trust that you’re getting a level of quality and dedication that you won’t find anywhere else. We appreciate your support and look forward to helping you!

Here’s what this Amarillo homeowner shared after one of our team members helped lower his tax bill on four properties by $65,000 last year.

“Thank you so much for your help. We could not have done it without you. Everyone should use ProtestPRAD.com”